About us

Rebel Smuggling was founded by a team of individuals that witnessed first hand that the world is changing. We come from backgrounds in business, law, accounting, finance, investment banking, computer programming, data analysis, and government services. In each of our experiences we noticed that many large-scale organizations (both public and private) struggle to adapt to the new world. Whether it’s failing to effectively incorporate new technologies, or resisting changes in business practices, organizations cannot survive unless they strive to evolve.

When founding Rebel, we aimed to create the modern company: scalable, flexible, adjustable, and ready to take whatever the world throws at us. From utilizing innovative software to manage and track our inventory, to adopting the newest and most cutting edge services and technologies, we have minimized the cost of running a logistics operation.

We are in the process of rapidly growing and using our competencies to better serve the market place and our clients. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us by email at: support@rebelsmuggling.com